Friday, July 20, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

As I hit an unsuspecting young lady sitting on the step outside my apt with the door this morning, I knew it would be an immature Friday. Just like the iPhone line up a few weeks ago, Harry Potter had a line wrapped around Broadway from the Barnes and Noble on 17th waiting anxiously for the new book. Meanwhile, VH1's catches us up on the celeb gossip.

Like last week another great but very different mashup: House Of 1,000 Muppets

May I present to you the AMI - St. Louis loves three things, baseball, beer, and b-mustaches. After all, it is "home to the world's largest mustache, the SL Arch." (Thanks Jake)

A pretty awesome music video starring some ex-Nickelodeon stars on Leland's blog

A kind of sad story but appropriate ad placement for Shaq's new reality show.

An regression for Dunkin Donuts SoBe drink. (I drink D&D too. I used to wear corduroy pants.) Check out the new Naomi Campbell spot directed by Zach Braff as well. From Hill Holiday.

Finally, Phillipines Prison Thriller. They do Sister Act as well.


Leland said...

For the next inbox:

El Gaffney said...

hey dude, did you copy the wrong link? i have prison thriller as the final on this ioi. holla back soon.