Monday, July 09, 2007

What The F Was He In?

If you're like me than somewhere in the middle of Entourage last night you found yourself wondering where you had seen Harvey Weingard (based on/ named very subtly after Hollywood's famed producer and movie studio chairman, Harvey Weinstein) before. Sure you may have asked this same question a year or so ago after seeing him in the Sundance episode, but you probably forgot either way. Plus, you probably forgot to look it up last night or this morning. That's why I'm here.

So how do you know Harvey, the man that fills you with anxiety for 23 minutes (the show's never even close to a half hour) and then haunts your dreams?

Here's my guess: You know Harvey, real life Maury Chaykin from one of two movies (or both). Drum roll please...

Entrapment - He plays Conrad Greene with similar agression and a bit more sloppiness. Can't find a good image or video so here's the trailer where you get to see CZJD play both sides.

OR (And I can't believe I couldn't place this.)

My Cousin Vinny - He's Sam Tipton, a witness to the Sac O' Suds murder of Jimmy Willis. Here is testifying that he doesn't like his grits al dente and no self-respecting southerner would ever use instant grits.


Jason said...

Are you trying to tell me that you have magic grits? That the laws of physics do not apply to your stove?

El Gaffney said...

of course, he got the from the same guy who sold jack his bean stalk beans. classic scenes from start to finish.