Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Awesomed Out

It all started with this Verizon commercial starring Michael Bay. First couple times around (and besides for the nerdy Verizon employee), I have to admit I was kind of into it. But then I started noticing this word appearing (not always so centrally to the script) in ads all over the place. Within communications where it made sense as well as within others that didn't feel so natural. But now it's been around so often that it's getting in the way of any other (main) message that the brand's using it are trying to throw my way. (Yes, if this was an argument with a specific person, they'd be going: "Like when/where? I need EXAMPLES." I don't really have the time to look right now, but hopefully you've noticed it too. Or else you're just fast-forwarding through them.)

Last night it came full circle with another Verizon ad (this time for a phone deal not Fios). In this one, an unsuspecting young Asian guy opens his door to a quartet singing about this phone (I think) and (lastly) how it's "awesome." (If anyone can find it online, please pass it on.) I thought I had lost my mind. I may be. But I am certainly losing my capacity to be objective about communications containing this "hot" adjective. Case in point:

I was definitely fan of this commercial for the first 55 seconds. Then I saw Discovery's new-ish tagline, "The World Is Just Awesome." I - okay, I'm going to walk away for a day. In the meantime, what do you all think?


Barrington said...

Good point. It's lame. Like we're being spoken to by a terminally apathetic not-as-young-as-they-think wannabe hipster.

Oh no. Now I'm gonna be on the lookout for this new achilles bugbear...

Kevin said...

Remember when everything was X-treme? I guess we've now moved beyond post X-Tremism and into the time of Awesome.

Jake said...

The time of awesome was the was years ago when we were elementary school kids. Perhaps,its return is similar the renaissance of bell bottoms, skinny ties and the high top fade

Oh yes, its back. That photo is from this year's McDonald's All-American game.

El Gaffney said...

barrington - my apolgies.
kevin - harold & kumar go to white castle hit that ridiculousness on its head. hopefully our sports drinks and financial options don't go there.
jake - i think i saw that dude in soho this weekend. bulls jacket and florescent baggies.