Friday, May 02, 2008

Preparing Immaturity for Cinco de Mayo

Any frequent readers know I'm pretty obsessed with Someecards (also note you can now follow the company on twitter). So if you're not a freq like me (props to Adina Howard) or you're just forgetful, take a look back at that site in order to get some send-worthy stuff for Cinco de Mayo. Like this perhaps:

As for some other immaturity to get you through the rest of Friday...
via ROFLcon

Bill Hicks on Marketing via Stuart Smith email - not to be confused with Gil Hicks of Mallrats fame who kisses like a jackhammer in with some pressure and when he's done you're not the're changed.

Geek pants via @gaeyia

And lastly, I saw this on the news last night and Jake reminded me about it today. It's not funny...except for the part when the boy says his punishment should be a weekend without video games.

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