Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Comcast is Caring/Twittering

We all love to hate the cable company...as well as all the phone companies according to Noah's observations on (his creation) Brand Tags. But especially the cable company and especially because of their lousy customer service. To be fair, they're definitely in one of those "we only notice when things go wrong" industries. But truthfully, considering most of us don't ask very much of them—like Clotaire Rapaille's code for America, we just want it to work—it seems they could do more to delight us. The first part of that phrase, SURPRISE, goes without saying, but is also the entire reason for this post.

So it was with great interest, enthusiasm and yes, shock that I heard a couple weekends ago Comcast was jumping into Twitter. I have Time Warner, who I, of course, despise—the guy who replaced my second cable box was more than pleasant and only a bit late yet he also acknowledged that "all these new DVR boxes are havin' problems"—so it is no direct help to me. Yet, I figured I'd holler at @comcastcares to see how this experiment may work.

In no more than 10 minutes I had these responses:

I'm sorry but that is aweso- I mean fantastic. Hopefully it will invest more heavily in this space (perhaps IM service like Delta has now) and apply what it learns to enhance customer service across the company. Who knows how quickly they can start to change its perceptions on Brand Tags.

And yes, I also know this is not the biggest piece of Comcast news today.


Jake said...

I like your diligence in like totally not using the word 'awesome'.


Perhaps he is blog reader....somehow I doubt it though.

El Gaffney said...

i've gotta get that creative commons license up on this site. you may have won the battle mccullough, but the war will be won on twitter.