Friday, May 16, 2008

The NBA Is (Way) Younger than John McCain

Between work, jamming to get my Age of Conversation chapter done, running, NBA Playoffs and brainstorming excuses, I've had limited time to scour the Internet for things that make you go ha. (Yes, that's a C&C Music Factory reference.) So, some of these are old and coldplayed out but I hope a complete waste of time in a good way.

First, let's kick it off with some links connected to my excuse. Here's a little action about declaring for the NBA Draft (via kenyatta via kottke) as well as an NBA nickname generator. (I'm Seth "Margarine" Gaffney.)

Second, for any of you players or playettes going out this weekend, take a quick look at this text dating primer. For those staying in watching reruns of SBTB the College Years, this Onion article is all you.

Third, and getting a bit grosser, peep yet another instant Nick Thune classic on FoD. And I dare you to tell me that Nick doesn't look Palek from HBO's Tell Me You Love Me. That makes me want to pull a Sue Simmons (via @akispicer).

Fourth and lastly, I've rather enjoyed this site: Things Younger than Republican Candidate (and Oh, Did I Forget to Mention "War Hero") John McCain (via avin on Fallon Planning Blog).

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