Friday, May 09, 2008

Keeping Me Busy, Keep U Busy

It's been (unofficial) brief week over here at Wieden. I knocked out an average of one a day, though Wednesday was the craziest with three. Note to new planners: knocking out briefs is not a good habit to get into but sometimes necessary - like when clients give you less than a week turnaround for creative on an assignment. Note to self: see above.

Anyway, this morning I caught up on some hot RSS action (I still use Netvibes) as well as started to prepare for the IOI. That's when BFFB tipped me off to this pretty awesome interactive piece from Uniqlo promoting its t-shirts. I created my loop using a series of 1-4-3's as a shout out to the beeper code for I luv u. Yeah I just did that - two u's...not to be confused with the two yoots or youth-s as Someone else's Cousin Vinny would say. Without further Freddy adU:

So go make your own if you're bored or straight chillin' on a Friday.

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