Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bahamavention Is Back

A moment for self- and others-congratulations. As those who know me know, I spent the last couple of years in Minneapolis working at Fallon and specifically on three great pieces of business. I use agency speak because it was not three companies nor only three people. I spent my days helping Purina Beneful, Travelers, and The Islands Of The Bahamas find the best way to move each of their respective brands forward. And I got to collaborate with some amazing people both at the agency (including the guys who did the Citi Identity Theft work) and client (including the visionary Director General).

So all sappiness aside, The Bahamas team got some really good news this weekend. Our TV campaign was recognized in Cannes with Silver Lions. The spots - Monte, Maureen, and Lyle - were in some really great company (The Mac and PC campaign and the Cingular dropped calls campaign, which you know from the US as well as other commercials from around the world). See the list here.

I'm really proud helping the Ministry of Tourism see the value in a differentiating idea both for the category and the broad advertising landscape. (Our integrated campaign had print, OOH, Online, a 30-minute infomercial, and Bahamavention kit.) Hopefully a planning award or two is in our future. Now here's Monte:

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