Friday, June 15, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

First installment from the new digs. And it comes with an observation. The Gen GuYs have FOOD on the mind. For a sports-fanatical group like my friends, neither baseball nor the NBA Finals made a dent in the inbox nor became the focal point of our conversations.

Perhaps Independence Day plans are being made (last minute obviously) and summer's finally kicked into gear - get your BBQ on people.

Here we go:

This is not too funny, but this was the hot topic of discussions: A burger eating competition at Fatburger in Jersey City coming up on the 28th. If you eat a whole, fully loaded Triple Kingburger (we're talking 1.5 lbs of meat alone here) you win a undisclosed prize, a fatburger gift certificate, tshirt and picture on the wall. My friend Cox is training: "I think I'm ready - i want to be imortalized in Fatburger history. 4 yrs ago I did eat a 40oz burrito and washed it down with a 21 oz iced tea so hopefully this should be a walk in the park."

The secret to Chipotle's success has been identified not by accident, rather by planned marketing. I'm curious to hear how everyone feels about this move?

The hot dog eating record was broken by Joey Chestnut of California. Take that Kobayashi.

Otherwise, there's been some heated Sopranos debate, which Tim Goodman
recaps and offers his opinion. Solid stuff.

And lastly, an MTV Cribs parody you may actually find novel and comical by Michael Gondry.

Please submit link to comments if you think people are missing out on immaturity from the week! Thanks.

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