Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things I Missed/Didn't Miss About NYC

The weeknight casual drinks.
The weekday/workday casual hangover.

In lots of other places, you just don't socialize during the week like you do here. (Though I bet the Brits would say our inability to take down a pint or two during lunch is weak.) I'm in the place where after a margherita and 3 draft beers I'm not really going to feel drunk, but I'm going to feel pretty dehydrated the next morning (manana por la manana if you will). Thankfully last night ended pretty early, but most casual drinks end around 11:30PM (assuming you don't want to be called a wuss or worse). Plus, it's impossible to pull an Irish Goodbye with a smaller, less intoxicated group.

No the image does not quite match the copy but I had to add it in order to ask if you or one of your friends used to pull Absolut ads out of your parents' magazines and collect them. Seriously. One of my friends did - how ridiculous it seems now. I used to collect the Penn tennis balls print ads. Nerd alert.


Kim said...

Ok you have officially outted me, I used to collect those Absolut Ads and even worse....the milk ads too! (gasp).

mikekarnj said...

The same thing happens here in New Orleans. It's almost impossible to not grab a drink after work which turns into about five. What I've been doing is making sure I down a glass of water before I go to bed or at the bar. Obvious. But it works!