Monday, June 25, 2007

Movies You Can't Turn Off

Everyone has a few of those movies you've seen way too many times. You don't necessarily own them and I wonder if that may be part of the reason they're so appealing each time you hit TBS on Saturday afternoon. For example, I'm not embarrassed to say I've watched Mean Girls, Save the Last Dance, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Though now that I've typed it, I realize maybe I should be.

Anyway, I think it often happens with 80's movies. They are just so bad, they're actually good. Like Teen Wolf. Not just because I identify with Scott Howard's high school awkwardness (and perhaps hairiness) but the sweet kegger party scene with 7 minutes in Heaven with Boof and Styles' van surfing are reason enough to invest 2.5 hours (yes, we all hate movies with commercials - in fact, I've always thought if one company could just sponsor all these cheesy movies and make them commercial free, it'd go a long way...maybe the company that makes slap bracelets). Plus, the guy in the stands who has to zip his pants after Scott hits the winning free throw actually exists unlike Aladdin telling Jasmine to take off her clothes at the end of their magic carpet ride.

So, here's another one of those movies that maybe I shouldn't admit I've seen in the double digits. But I will caveat that I watch just for this scene. (The same way I watch 106 and Park Freestyle Friday battle.)

Look how funky he is.

POLL: What's the one movie that gets you every time; that you really can't turn off?


Eric F. said...

Whenever the 18 hour commercial infused epic movie The Shawshank Redemption comes on I have to sit through to the end. I believe I have seen this movie from the first 1/3 to the end over 25 times. I also believe I have only seen the opening credits to this movies once.

It seems that all networks play this movie so late at night that you know that watching until the end will put you way into the am.

Jake said...

Lately I've been catching Dodgeball on cable and can't turn away. I think it has cemented a place in the rewatchable movie hall of fame. I think part of it is that it really isn't any different on tv than it is on dvd.

Another movie that is also in the hall is Major League. It goes in for entirely different reasons. I love watching it on TBS, TNT, Spike or some other cable channel that caters to hung over adult males. They don't really cut too many scenes but they have to butcher the dialogue. You can see the actors mouthing four letter words starting with F and S and what you hear is entirely different. "Strike this.....guy out!"

El Gaffney said...

you like that, jake? i only watch coming to america on dvd because the response to akeem's greeting queens "good morning my neighbors," is not done justice on censored tv.

eric, i used to experience a similar day-wasting event in watching braveheart. but i quit. like a band-aid man. pull it off now.

Jake said...

Seth, that movie might be a little bit more funny on tv because the editing is so hilarious. There are all the pregnant pauses and you can clearly see corbin bernson mouth the word "f-ck" while you hear GUY.