Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Watched Age of Love So You Don't Have To

You could really stop reading right there. But in case you want some answers, here's what I am anticipating:

What is Age of Love anyway?
It has been dubbed "the ultimate social experiment." One man, ex-tennis star Mark Philippoussis, looks to find one love within a group of 13 women - 7 of whom are in their 40s and 6 of whom are in their 20s. In the end, we will see not if, but how age matters. (Note: one woman is 39, so hopefully he picks her and the whole experiment loses its merit.)

Why did you watch in the first place?
I admit I'm usually quite entertained by reality TV and like keeping up on it for pop culture IQ purposes. NBC is at the top of my consideration set for new programming (though quickly losing ground to ABC after the recent Bachelor and my favorite show on TV, Brothers & Sisters). Plus, I'm a tennis fan.

What did you think of the women?
We've only met the older group, so of course I'll probably watch next week to see the "cat fight" between cougars and kittens --- NBC's words not mine! But the older group did not look their age and some may say didn't act it. I don't know if I'd say the latter. They definitely seemed young at heart, and although there was still the "some of the women are hogging Mark" comments, that seems more about competition and overall the women acted classier than typical/younger show contestants.

What did you think of Mark P.?
He does not have a poker face. He was completely stunned (and not in a pleasantly surprised way) by the age of the women and it showed. He's pretty uninteresting and bland so far. And not in a way that's kind of fun to make fun of. However, in reading up on some press, I experienced shock to find out he's actually 134th in the world of tennis. I had no idea he was still playing. I wonder if anyone will start to call him by his nickname, Scud (for his fast serve).

What's your rating?
1 star of 5.

Why not zero?
Mark's inability to hide his shock was mildly amusing as are the 48 year old assistant to the Lakers president's confessionals. I think the interaction between the different aged women will seemed scripted even by reality standards. Regardless, that tension will just make me feel awkward. As said, I'll most likely watch next week. That's all.

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