Friday, June 29, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

As mayhem ensues about a 20-minute walk away (at the Apple store), here are some late links to keep you from doing that last bit of work. Most importantly and immaturely, this picture, which may keep you from sleeping as well.

Farley's back.
Here's some research that Jake fully supports.
No, that's de butt, and I also like tennis. Peep Slate's Blogging Wimbledon.
Disappointing and upsetting sports news this week in hot dog eating and pro wrestling.
More fun was this year's NBA draft - though who knows if Oden will make this list in a few years. Well, at least it's better than this contract.

1 comment:

Oakie said...

Nice, I watched the news couple days ago about that red underpants as well. It's hilarious.