Friday, June 22, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

Let's get it going. First, a new movie which may or may not be coming out. And may or may not be sued if it ever does. Yes, that's me in the middle looking mysterious and sneaky (I think you're underestimating my sneakiness), Eric on the left and the master-art director Scott on the right in a bunker in the Golan Heights. Toda, Scott.

Aki hit me off with the perfect song for a Friday morning in New York.
And then to get your energy back up, time to go to Funkytown.

Cox won't let this train get off track. Commuting doesn't have to suck anymore.

Naturrre. Goulet. My friend Jake dropped a lot of science this week:
snakes and flying fish

You will not beat this kid in Pop-a-Shot.

And one final thing to make you disgusted then superior then angry then happy, the MySpace page of one of the Gotti boys. I have to hope it's the youngest after reading this article about sibling IQ's.

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